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LookAfter answers your most pressing hair questions to keep your hair looking fabulous. Check out our library of hair recommendations covering everything from hair tips to professional products.

Q&A Your hair questions. Answered.


Can you guys strip colored hair to the natural color it was before it was dyed?
Libby O.

Libby, the biggest misconception when you color your hair is that your natural color will be somewhere hidden beneath your new color. Unfortunately, you have changed the color and chemical composition of your hair strand. We can remove the color that you have placed on your hair and put another color that matches your natural however it will never be the exact color until it grows at the root. This is considered a color correction and could take some time to achieve the results you are looking for, please call 636-391-1717 and we can direct you to the closest location to you. Happy hair days! Thank you for writing in. – LookAfter Web Stylist


How can I make my hair grow faster, but still keep it healthy? Haley S.

Haley, Hello! I am going to share a few steps that you can take to grow your hair faster while keeping it healthy and still be able to stand the time it takes to grow.

#1: Be very nice to your hair.

Your hair falls out naturally on its own, but you may be pulling it out faster with the things you do. The gentler you are with your hair, the less it will fall out and the faster it will grow.

  • Don't pull your hair into tight ponytails or cornrows. Use butterfly clips and loose braids instead. * Brush it carefully. If you have wavy or curly hair, you should use a wide tooth comb if your hair is still wet, since brushes can disrupt curl pattern and cause frizz, while breaking hair at the same time. 
  • Detangle your hair slowly and carefully. If you do it too fast, you will end up yanking out your hair, especially if it’s wet, or really tangled. Start by combing out the last few inches, and gradually work up. This won't change how your hair grows, but careful combing can prevent your hair from breaking.
  • Brush your hair before you shower in the morning. Throughout the night your hair can knot. Brushing your hair before you shower reduces tangling in the shower. Also, when using conditioner, try sifting your fingers through your hair. This reduces combing after your shower and also distributes the conditioner evenly. Make sure that you start at your ends while conditioning and then work through. Try a leave in Conditioning Treatment such as Sexy hair Concepts Soy Tri Wheat Leave-in.

#2: Minimize how much you style your hair.

Any kind of styling that involves pulling your hair at the root (blow drying straight, straight iron, curling iron, rollers) will contribute to slow growth. Heat styling can also encourage hair to break. If you really need to dry your hair fast, use a blow dryer for 5 minutes only and make sure to use a heat protectant such as Paul Mitchell Heat Seal to protect from the heat.

  • Avoid or minimize chemical treatments like color, highlights, straighteners, and permanent waves. These weaken your hair and increase the likelihood of breakage and loss. If this is not an option go for an all over demi-permanent color that will maintain health.

#3: Take a daily multivitamin.

Keep in mind that everything that you consume goes through your body and can be detected in your hair. It can take several months to notice the results, so don't get discouraged.

  • It is suggested that iron deficiency makes hair loss worse/growth. Taking a multivitamin and eating iron-rich foods (tofu, lentils, beans, oysters, spinach, prunes, raisins, lean beef).
  • Hair grows for 6 weeks, and rests for 3-5 months before falling out so a new hair can grow in its place. Normally, 15% of your hair is at the resting phase, but a sudden change in nutrition can cause some hair follicles in the growing phase to switch into the resting phase prematurely, possibly raising the percentage to more than 30%. Diet is very important to maintain and grow your hair faster.

#4: Relax!

Stress is a common cause of reversible hair growth/ loss. When you experience physical or emotional turmoil, it can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 4 months for the results to show up in your hair.

#5: Address any pressing health issues.

Hair is a strong indicator of health. Many nutritional deficiencies can cause hair growth to slow, and can cause hair to thin. If your hair has gotten seriously thinner or stops growing for more than a few months, you should discuss it with your doctor.

#6: Try not to wash your hair every day.

The natural oils protect and condition your hair better than anything. Use a product by Bed Head called Rockaholic Dry Shampoo; it will eliminate the oily feeling.

#7 Use Deep Conditioning Treatments

Try MOROCCANOIL Hair Mask treatment and rinse out with icy water to seal down your cuticle and add shine. The longer you let it sit, the more oils will seep into your hair. By using professional treatments on your hair and leaving it on over night is a good way to mend split ends.

Another step is to trim the ends of your hair every month. Not too much but, just enough to snip off some split ends.

Thank you for your inquiry and I would love to hear back from you!

– LookAfter Web Stylist


How does stripping the old hair color affect one's hair? I have faded brown color in parts of my hair and a lot of grey under the top layer of hair. I was using root touch up color for a long time. I now want to let my hair be the natural salt and pepper grey that it is. Eileen L.

Eileen, Hello! One of the biggest misconceptions of hair color is that somehow your natural color is still lingering behind the color you have placed on top. The reality is that you have chemically altered your hair color by changing the actual chemistry, so, your natural color is no longer hiding under the color you have used. The color that is on your hair at the moment is permanent. By \stripping\" the color you are bleaching the darker color to a lighter color in order to place the desired color on your hair. My suggestion for a smooth transition into your natural color would be a service that we offer called Color Camo. This service will allow you to go natural without altering the color as it grows. This service fades out naturally and will benefit the health of your hair as well! All of our locations offer the service and will be happy to make you an appointment. I have confidence that you will have the best care and feel fabulous during your change back to natural color. Thank you for writing in and if you have any more questions please email me back. Thanks for asking. – LookAfter Web Stylist


How long does salon color last, versus store-bought? Heather D.

Heather, all salon products go through rigorous testing to maintain the hair as healthy as possible during chemical treatments. The level of ingredients and scientific expertise is unbelievable regarding products sold or used in the salon. Store bought color has lower level ingredients and harsh detergents that will strip the hair and leave it temporarily colored. It is very difficult to go to a salon after using \box color\" because the stylist is unable to exactly determine how the color will turn out. Salon color will absolutely last longer because of the quality of ingredient. Thanks for asking! – LookAfter Web Stylist


How long does salon color usually last before it starts to fade? Heather D.

Heather, Hi! Well, I wish that it would never fade into those mouse-y colors however this is just not true of any color in the salon or otherwise. The fact of the color matter is that you MUST take care of your color by using professional products to maintain color and integrity of the hair. The maintenance of your color ifs very important and includes using the correct products.

Blondes: Most blondes want that very cool color that does not turn into a yellow or orange mess. This happens because of environmental factors or minerals in the water. I suggest using the Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde shampoo twice a week and a conditioner adding moisture/strength such as Paul Mitchell Strengthening Conditioner daily. The Platinum Blonde Shampoo has a purple tint to the color which acts as a prolonged toner for the color until your next appointment.

Brunettes/Red Heads: Love, love richness to their color. This will fade over time. It is very important to maintain the color with professional products which contain high quality ingredients! One of my favorites is MOROCCANOIL Shampoo and Conditioner. It is sulfate free, which will prolong the rich color because it does not contain harsh color stripping detergents. A high shine color gloss is also my recommendation to lock in your color and add shine. The High Shine Gloss treatment is like the top coat on your nail polish! It will prolong the color and is a great in between color service.

So you see it is very hard to answer how long the color will stay in an individual’s hair because of how you take care of your hair when you leave the salon. I hope these suggestions have helped answer your question.

– LookAfter Web Stylist


I have colored, shoulder length, medium brown hair. I want to dye my hair to a medium blonde color. Is that possible to do without it turning orange? Katie S.

Katie, this is absolutely possible! I am guessing that you have tried this on your own before and it turned orange in the past? Leave it to the professionals – we are very knowledgeable in this exact situation! I would suggest adding highlights to your hair. We will make those highlights the medium blonde color you want to achieve. Remember to use a color care shampoo and conditioner such as Biolage Color Care to make sure your color lasts... this is your warranty. Thank you for your inquiry! – LookAfter Web Stylist


I have horrible fly-aways and I don't know what to do about them. Are there any good products I can use to tame them or is there any way to get rid of them? Lindsey W.

Lindsey, Hi! Fly-aways can be caused by a few factors... If you flat iron your hair; the fly-aways could be caused by breakage due to high direct heat being used on your hair. You must be using something to protect you hair from that heat. Think of it as sticking your hand in a hot oven without a glove on, your hand would burn and so does your hair. I would recommend using Vavoom Iron In Control Guard. They have one for fine or thick hair. Choose the appropriate one for your hair type. This product also hair a shine factor and will help the fly-aways while you hair heals. Another reason could be static and I love to recommend using Bed Head Headrush and Bed Head After Party. These products smell great and will tame the frizzy fly a ways. Take a small amount of the After Party and apply it to your hair before drying. After drying use the spray Headrush to add shine and a little weight to control your fly-aways. Be careful and make sure not to use too much product as it is very concentrated and should last you at least 3-4 months. – LookAfter Web Stylist


I just had a baby and my hair is coming out in gobs from the change in hormones. What can I use to stop it from all falling out? Katie N.

Katie, don't be too hard on the hormones. It is very natural to have hair loss after pregnancy. Approximately 90% of your hair is growing at any one time, while the other 10% enter a resting phase. Every two to three months the resting hair falls out and allows new hair to grow in its place. Telogen effluvium is the excessive shedding of hair that occurs one to five months following pregnancy. This is not uncommon, affecting somewhere between 40 to 50% of women; but like most changes during pregnancy, it is temporary. Have faith you are very normal. Hair loss that is connected to pregnancy usually occurs after delivery. During pregnancy, an increased number of hairs go into the resting phase, which is part of the normal hair loss cycle. This condition is not serious enough to cause bald spots or permanent hair loss, and should begin to diminish within 3-4 months after delivery. If you feel that you are experiencing unusual hair loss while you are pregnant, this may be due to a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Here are a few suggestions that may help with the frustration of shedding your hair:

  • Consult with your health care provider to ensure a proper balance of hormones
  • Avoid pigtails, cornrows, hair weaves, braids and tight hair rollers which can pull and stress your hair
  • Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables, which contain flavonoids and antioxidants that may provide protection for the hair follicles and encourage hair growth
  • Use shampoos and conditioners that contain biotin and silica (Bosley or Nioxin products will help)
  • Hair is fragile when it is wet, so be gentle; avoid fine tooth combs
  • If you need to use blow dryers and other heated hair instruments, try to use the cool setting
  • Supplement your diet with the following nutrients:
    o Vitamin B complex (Category A)
    o Biotin (Possibly safe; orally and appropriately)
    o Vitamin C (Category A)
    o Vitamin E (Likely safe if amount does not exceed the RDA; possibly safe if it does)
    o Zinc (Likely safe when used orally and appropriately; likely unsafe when used orally in high doses) 

  – LookAfter Web Stylist


I need life and volume in my thin grey hair! Jane B.

Jane, I would suggest using Matrix Essentials SoSilver Shampoo to add luster and shine to your grey hair. This product is specifically made for grey and thinning hair. Amplify (also by Matrix) Conditioner is amazing to open your hair cuticle and create texture and volume. Before blow drying in the morning apply Sexy Hair Concepts Blow in Volume gel while hair is still wet. The combination of these three products will give you fantastic volume and allow for easier styling. Happy Hair Days! – LookAfter Web Stylist


I need shine in my hair… can I get something that would add shine that I don't have to spray on every time I go somewhere? Missie B.

Hello Missie, Yes you can! We have an amazing service called High Shine Gloss. This service will put a clear shine throughout your hair allowing you to achieve the healthy shiny look that you desire. We have this service at all of our locations. You can call the location closest to you to make an appointment. – LookAfter Web Stylist


I over-processed my hair and now its silver! I wanted it blonde but at this point i just want the silver gone. What can i do without turning it real dark? What color will work? Monica D.

It sounds as though you have depleted the pigment in your hair. We call this a color correction, and we would need to see the condition and actual color in order to properly prescribe a color formulation. Please come to one of our locations that is closest to you and we will be able to perform a consultation to help you eliminate the silver without going too dark! I am sorry this happened and am excited to help you fix the problem, please me know where you choose to go and I will follow up with the stylist. – LookAfter Web Stylist


I used sun-in over the summer and I am thinking of going either a burgundy red or auburn. Will dying/highlighting my hair do more damage to it now that I have used sun-in? Gail S.

Gail, Oh the joys of Sun-In. The chemicals in Sun-In lighten your hair naturally with a medium accelerant that lightens with minimal damage. We would consider coloring or highlighting your hair a color correction because the Sun-In is not a professional product and we cannot ensure how the color is going to take or react with the chemicals that are in your hair from the Sun-In. You should pick up some Redken Extreme Anti-Snap to mend your ends and put protein into your hair. Use daily Biolage Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner to add moisture. Do this for one week and then make an appointment for us to give you a full consultation and the desired hair color. Unfortunately, anytime you color your hair the chemicals will damage it, using the correct treatments to rebuild and make it healthy again is the key! Good luck and I hope this helps. Thank you for your inquiry. – LookAfter Web Stylist


I want to get the bottom layer of my hair (the layer that hangs down when the hair is pulled halfway up) dyed a non-conventional hair color like blue or purple. How would I go about doing that? Shan M
we offer the Pravana Vivid Color collection at our Hair Companies. The colors include: bright pink – LookAfter Web Stylist


If I get Eyelash Tinting, can I still use mascara? Jemeca D.

YES -- Your eyelashes will look even fuller with the tinting! Your lashes, even if you have darker hair, tend to be a bit lighter on the ends. The tinting is going to make them look fantastic without mascara and fantabulous with it, too. During the summer if you are outdoors often your mascara will not run and when you just don’t feel like putting on makeup, you will appear to have spruced a little.  Enjoy!
– LookAfter Web Stylist


My hair gets greasy at the crown (even right out of the shower). What can I do to stop it from being so greasy? Amy S.

Hello! The “grease” can be caused by a variety of things such as environment and product. Oftentimes – LookAfter Web Stylist


My hair is pretty fried and it's very thick. I have to straighten my hair almost everyday just to keep the frizz away... Heat spray doesn't work. What should I do?
Lauren R.

I completely understand your frustration with frizz. It is important that you are using professional hydrating Shampoo and Conditioners – LookAfter Web Stylist


What's good for dry hair and scalp? Ericka O.

Ericka, when the weather changes we all go through dry hair and scalp season! My recommendation is to use Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and scalp treatment twice a week and then on a daily basis use Redken Scalp Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner. This will solve your problem and you will have results in as little as two days. – LookAfter Web Stylist

Q&A Your hair questions. Answered.