By Becca H. at
High Ridge

It is the time we wait for the whole winter…Spring! It always sneaks up on you, too! I woke up one morning, birds chirping in the trees again and green grass starting to grow. It hit me: Easter, wedding season, family pictures, family vacations, graduations, prom! Why wasn't I preparing at the New Year like everyone else?!

Top of my hair to-do list… DITCH THE DARK! Yep, the change in seasons has me wanting to lighten up my look. But, in a healthy way since I’ve been growing out my hair, and I definitely don’t want to chop off my hair work and dedication! (My hair has feelings too =). Although I could NEVER pull off the all-over blonde look, adding a little dimension is PERFECT for Spring.

You might be rolling your eyes at the thought of “healthy” blonde highlights, but it can be done! There are steps you can do to prepare your locks for some foiled up lightening love. For me, I know I need to first start using a good clarifying shampoo to break down my dark and remove any excess product build up that could get in the way of the perfect tone. Then, the best way to make sure I don’t have to lose much length is going to be visiting the salon for a healthy hair treatment. At LookAfter, our hair smoothies deeply penetrate moisture and lock it into the cuticle of the hair. For the most customized approach, ask your LookAfter stylist what might be best for you.

Here are a few examples of a healthy new look: My client was ready to get out of her hair “rut” and into spring! We got her hair healthy and gave her this beautiful 3 dimensional color that is just right for sprucing her up for her upcoming cruise!


And this client stopped in for a fresh and fun color, just in time for Easter festivities!

And here's a bayalage highlight with just the perfect touch of dimension!

Don’t forget that maintenance is key – You want your look to last, right? To be sure to keep your color looking great always ask your stylist about the best products to maintain the integrity of your hair at home. It is the closest thing there is to taking us home with you! Whether it is Paul Mitchell's Platinum Blonde shampoo to battle golden tones in those highlights, a tried-and-true color shampoo and conditioner such as Matrix Biolage's Colorlast to protect your color from fading UV rays, or a strengthening oil such as the Matrix Exquisite Oil! A strengthening oil not only tames frizz and protects from blow dry heat, it helps lock in moisture (aka color) and puts protein back into lightened strands.

SO, let’s get you ready for warm weather! Accent Highlights are just $30 and include 7 foils for the perfect little change. Or, go bigger with partial or full highlights! Visit your local LookAfter for a complimentary consultation. And don’t forget to share before and after photos of your spring look with us!

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