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Don't you just love fall? The air is crisp, the leaves change color and fall from the trees….sweaters, scarves and boots come out. It’s also the perfect time for richer, warmer colors (think: caramel, mocha, and burnt sienna, just to name a few).  Of course, these are ideal hair colors for fall. Time to talk about fall hair color!

First things first, let's do a little health-check on your hair: This time of year your hair may be craving moisture and repair from the damaging effects caused by pool water, sunlight exposure and the always trendy sun-kissed highlights. I just love a Hair Smoothie to get my hair feeling soft and looking silky again! When you pair this healthy hair treatment with the beautiful colors of fall, and a good trim, you're sure to turn some heads well into winter ;).

Now, let’s talk color: I just love seeing color melts or ombres and highlights on a warmer, darker base. Deciding the most flattering shade for your skin tone is key. So, with many different choices, how can you figure out what works best for you? How cool or warm your skin tone is will help your stylist determine your desired result. Finding your skin tone can be as easy as why you might gravitate towards specific color palettes each season. Here’s a trick: Try holding a piece of white paper up to your face. If the appearance of your skin is yellowish or sallow, you have a warm skin tone and look best in warmer colors like auburns and caramels. If your skin appears more rosey or pink, you have a cool skin tone, and look best in cool colors like burgundy or mocha. If your skin leans towards grey, you might have an olive or neutral skin tone, which tend to pull off colors on both cool and warm sides as well as the neutral spectrum.

Now that you're armed with that info, let's talk upkeep: I tell my clients they should be returning for a root touch up anywhere from 3-6 weeks, depending on rate of hair growth. Most people have an average of ½” of growth per month, which may not seem like much, until you start seeing your roots! Some clients cannot stand to see roots, and that's okay, because I get to see their lovely faces more often =). For those that like to stretch their color to the last possible minute, you should opt for a zig zag part to help camouflage the root.

In all scenarios, I recommend a good at home hair care regimen to prevent unwanted fading. Using a sulfate-free shampoo specifically formulated for color treated hair will help keep that color looking great. Sulfates in shampoo tend to send your money down the drain, by stripping your gorgeous color, making it fade too quickly. Want to stretch it even further? Try turning the temperature down, too. Using too hot of water can blast the cuticle of your hair wide open, causing the color to fall right out. Not only that, but you'll lose so much moisture, and in the long run will only cause unwanted damage. You can also rinse the conditioner out with as cold of water as you comfortably stand. This helps to compact the cuticle, sealing in color and precious moisture, giving it luster to shine like a diamond.

With the Holidays coming up, we all have so much on our daily checklist. To ensure that you are able to get your color done before a big party or family photos, setting an appointment at one of our many locations can cut down on the stress of knowing that you are guaranteed to get in at your convenience. Here’s to a fabulous season with equally fabulous hair!


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